Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Year ~ New Soap

Here is a list of soaps that will be ready in the New Year!

Jan 13
Honey N Oats
Lemony Lavender Castile

Jan 20
Almond & Cocoa Butter
Tea Tree, Rosemary & Clay

Jan 23
Cinnamon Orange
Tangarine & Eucalyptus

Jan 27
Star Anise
Soaps sell out fast so you are welcome to place an on hold order that will be billed when they are ready to mail.


Melissa said...

Hi there! Just wondering where I might view all your soaps and your price list? Thanks!

Hen & Chicks said...

Hi Melissa
I am not to technical with my soap blog. I do have a facebook page I keep updated but if you just scroll down my page here you will see all the soaps I have made with ingredients listed. On the sidebar to the right I list soaps that are ready for sale or as of today December 27th I am sold out but will have soaps ready in a few weeks. I have them listed with dates. You are welcome to put a hold on the bars you would like before they are ready as they sell fast! I will email you a paypal invoice when they are ready to mail out. All my bars a huge 5 oz and cost $4 a bar. I use organic oils and additives and try to only use 100% natural essential oils. If I use a fragrance oil I will list it that way.