Wednesday, December 28, 2011

January Sale

Are you looking to make a few new healthy choices in 2012? Let homemade organic soap be one of them. It is so good for your skin and indulgent at the same time. Hen N Chicks soap bars average atleast 5oz and are made with all organic oils and additives. Essential oils are 100% pure and if I use a fragrance oil I list it as that. Check my blog page to see the soaps that will be ready in January... but don't hesitate about placing your order as they sell out as soon as I list them. I have 6 standing orders already!

Let January be the month you give homemade soap a try. Help me reach 225 "likes" over at my facebook page and as soon as I do soap goes on sale for $3.50 a bar for the month of January (that goes for those soap orders on hold too).

1 comment:

Kelly McManus said...

What an exciting venture Angie! The soap looks yummy enough to eat- thanks for making them organic!