Saturday, November 24, 2012

Two specials deals for those who are reading my updated blog. 

1.  This lovely box of 6 assorted soaps. 
     Frankincense & Myrrh - 2 regular size bars
     Kumquat - end bar
     Winter White - end bar
     Black Raspberry Vanilla - end bar
     Cranberry Fig - end bar
$18 plus $6 priority shipping to you or a loved one.

2.  All soaps besides this last box mentioned above are sold out.  Thank you!  That was a total of 17 batches of soap!  But you can still take advantage of the Christmas sale.  Regular bars are $4 but buy 10 or more and they are $3.50 each. Buy a gift certificate for how ever many bars you want, add shipping and the gift certificate will be mailed to you or a loved one with a note stating who the gift is from.  Bars will be ready to be ordered January 1st. 

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