Saturday, October 15, 2011

What does it cost to make a bar of soap?

To much!  But when you love the art of making soap you forget to count the cost.  Sadly I am going to have to raise my price for a bar of homemade organic soap.  I have been selling my 5 oz. bars of soap for $3.50 a bar but beginning in November they will go up to $4 a bar. Shipping remains the same. But there is still time to order what I have left for October!  I am even going through my stash for you.  So here it is the last of the $3.50 bars:

18  10   8 Christmas Punch
3   Honey N Oats
2   Christmas Cookie
2   Christmas Tree
1   First Snow
2   Apple Jack Peel

Just for comparison.
Windy Hill Farm Naturals $3.25 for a 4oz bar
Miller Soap $3.95 for a 4 oz bar
Poplar Hill Farm $4.50 for a 4.5 oz bar
And these places don't offer ORGANIC soap, I do!

Scents coming in November:
Star Anise
Fresh Lavender Blend
Honey N Oats
First Snow Fall
Coffee (scrubby for the kitchen sink)


Lori said...

I'll take the first snow, and 2 Christmas cookies if you still have them!

Hen & Chicks said...

Got them for you! That means we get to have coffee again! We come out every other Friday unless you want to come here for lunch one day.